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Konix takes a look at a few Scratch Live Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs are hidden features in software. These features can be purely for fun, such as pong or experimental features.

In Scratch Live 1.8 the easter eggs are Anti-Trainspotting mode which has since been included as standard feature. Pong and the Auto Loop Slicer

Pong – press ctrl + shift and press the setup menu. To play move your turntable or cd player to control the ‘paddle’.

Anti-Trainspotting Mode – click in the bpm in either deck and type AM. You’ll see the deck info fade away and a message appear in the status message. To exit, click in the bpm and type AM again. There was a rumor floating around that DJ AM requested the feature, hence the ‘AM’, but that has never been confirmed.

Auto Loop Slicer – Auto Loop was an easter egg in 1.7. But is now a built-in feature in Scratch Live 1.8 and above. But in 1.8 there is a hidden keyboard command to automatically half a loop after every cycle down to the smallest size. To activate the Auto Loop slicer press Alt + T for the left deck and Alt + G for the right deck.