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In today’s video tutorial, Konix, shows you How To Setup Multiple Libraries in Scratch Live. This can be useful if you want to separate libraries for testing or if you want to organize your music into completely separate databases.

For example if you play house and rap. Instead of having the songs live together in Scratch Live, you can have them completely separated.

First make a blank database by renaming your current _Serato_ folder to something unique such as as _Serato_House.

Start Scratch Live or Serato DJ and it will make a new _Serato_ folder. Make your changes such as adding new music, making crates, etc. Now exit Scratch Live.

Rename newly created folder to something unique such as _Serato_Rap.

To tell Scratch Live which Library to use, simply rename the folder to _Serato_.

***In Scratch Live version 2.2 and up, the Database folder is named _Serato_***